The kerncomp project aims to be a repository of scripts and other resources for the automated building and regression testing of the Linux kernel.



If you have a set of scripts you are willing to share, please get in contact with one of the maintainers so we can give you a CVS home and post it here.

Gelato@UNSW kerncomp

The Gelato@UNSW kerncomp has been running nightly doing IA64 builds.

It has a number of features

We have found the nightly builds have been particularly useful in finding problems with default configurations easily. Patch application with quilt helps us keep our patches in order.

You can get the latest Gelato@UNSW kerncomp via CVS from this site

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P kerncomp

Gelato@UNSW is part of the world-wide Gelato consortium. Hewlett-Packard are generous supporters of Gelato@UNSW.

Kernel Cross Compile Tests

Jan Dittmer runs a comprehensive kernel cross compile which automatically builds the latest releases on 23 platforms.

It features

Jan is working to make his scripts publicly available soon.

The ARM Linux kautobuild builds and reports on builds for the ARM platform. The code does not appear to be currently available.
Michael Still's Scripts
Michael Still has a range of automated kernel build scripts. He uses a modular architecture where you create scripts that operate on clean kernel trees which are run against source trees you are interested in.
HP's PA-RISC autobuild
HP create PA-RISC kernels and package them into a .deb on their site. does an automated build of the toolchain for a number of architectures. Their scripts, called builder, are freely available.
IBM Automated Tests
IBM announced their automated build and regression test project. Results are available in a HTML format. The latest kernels are booted and tested on a range of AMD, x86 and Power hardware.

Our initial plan is to release our scripts and any others that are floating around. Over time, we may gain enough support to create the "one true" kerncomp that does everything and anything.

Mailing Lists

We have started the kerncomp-devel list for discussions about compiling and regression testing issues.


Here is a small wish list of kernel autocompile and regression testing


Currently these pages are maintained by Ian Wienand and Darren Williams.